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Know About
Unisoft Education Centre

History and Certification

Unisoft Education Centre was established in 1998 and is a registered educational institution with the Education Bureau in Hong Kong. (Reg Number:ED526320) Throughout the past 25 years, we have provided various IT related training courses to the genernal public and also our corporate clients. We aim to develop the most suitable training courses to fit the IT trends and to equip our clients the most up to date technology skillsets.

Academic Pathway

Starting from year 2000, we have already organized the IT academic pathway for the IT professials. With the partnership with British NCC Education Centre and the University of Greenwich in UK, we have successfully helped over 3000 students to get the recognized IT academic qualifications such as the Diploma, Higher Diploma and also the Degree accreditations.

Online Learning

From 2015, we have also developed the online training platform to cope with the trend of online learning. The students can take advantage of the platforms to learn the new technologies at their own pace. They have the flexiblity of learning at anytime and anywhere, which greatly help to ease the problem of technology divide in the society