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Higher Certificate in Web System Development
(PHP + MySQL + jQuery + VueJS + AngularJS + Bootstrap)

Develop full stack system from scratch

PHP + MySQL + jQuery + VueJS + AngularJS + Bootstrap

Over 1000 students
  • Last updated 2023
  • Cantonese
  • CEF course
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本課程將教授學員如何由零開始建立一個實用的 Web 網站系統, 系統具備登入登出功能、保安功能、上載檔案、建立紀錄、更改紀錄、搜尋紀錄及移除紀錄等功能。 能應用技術設計出不同的資訊系統,例如網頁管理系統、訂貨系統、倉存系統及記帳系統等等。 修畢課程後,學員可具備 Web 系統開發能力, 可以加強自己的競爭力並可以尋求新的出路。

共有8堂面授課堂錄影。導師會帶領學員利用 PHP + MySQL + JavaScript + jQuery + BootStrap + Vue.JS 建立出完整的資訊系統。
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Front-End Technologies - HTMLS, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, jQuery UI, BootStrap, AngularJS, VueJS

這部分課程以介面設計及互動技術為主,學員可利用HTML5 建立網頁介面結構, CSS 美化及風格化網頁,JavaScript 建立出不同的互動效果。 亦會學習各種常用的 library 及 framework 去加速網站介面設計例如 jQuery, AngularJS, VueJS 及 Bootstrap。

Back-End Technologies - PHP + MySQL

後台程式語言主要用作處理各式各樣的 Web request 及連接資料庫作出 CRUD 的運作 PHP是歷史悠久的後台語言覆蓋率廣泛 NodeJS 是較為新進的後台程式語言 優點是利用 Javascript在語言基礎 開發人員能用一套語言便可以開發前後台技術

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Entry Requirement



Dannis Mok

who has rich experience in business web and apps system development and have over 20 years of teaching experience. He has great passion in learning and teaching new technologies and his teaching style is clear to point and can explain complex technologies in simple terms. He has delivered various workshops and classes for different corporate, government departments and local universities and is the principal lecturer for NCC Education and University of Greenwich. Besides BSc degree in IT, he also got a MBA, MSc in IT and MSc in Telecommunication degree.

  • Microsoft MCSE, MCDBA
  • Microsoft Certified System Developer
  • Microsoft Office Specialist Master
  • Sun Microsystems – Certified Java Programmer
  • Oracle – Certified Database Professional
  • Linux - LPI Level 1 & 2
  • 為積金局 (MPF) IT 員工提供 Android 及 iPhone 視像培訓課程
  • 為香港教育局提供 Android 培訓課程予中學電腦科導師
  • 為香港教育大學 IT 員工提供 Cordova 跨平台流動程式開發課程
  • 為房屋署員工 IT 員工提供 HTML5 跨平台流動程式開發課程
  • 為房屋署員工 IT 員工提供 Android 及 iPhone 平台流動程式開發課程
  • 為香格里拉大酒店IT 員工提供 Android 流動程式開發課程
  • 為勞工處提供 HTML5 遊戲培訓課程及電子商店培訓課程
  • 為中國銀行IT 員工提供 Android 及 iPhone 流動程式開發課程
  • 為香港郵政IT 員工提供 Angular 8 程式開發課程
  • 為 VTC 職業訓練局提供各種各類 IT 培訓課程
  • 為醫管局員工 IT 員工提供跨平台流動程式開發課程

Course Content (20 hrs)

  • HTML Basic Tags (Header, Hyperlink, Paragraph, Table, Image)
  • HTML Layout using DIV tags
  • CSS basic styling commands and cascading concepts
  • CSS ID and class concepts
  • CSS Box Model (Background and Border styling)
  • CSS Color schemes and Google fonts

  • CSS Menu bar makeup
  • JavaScript Basics and Functions
  • JavaScript Variables and Arrays
  • JavaScript If-Else and Looping control structures
  • DOM (Document Object Model) introduction
  • Interacting DOM by JavaScript

  • jQuery Basic Sytnax
  • Interacting DOM with jQuery
  • AJAX communication with Server by jQuery
  • Using AJAX to submit form and download JSON data
  • BootStrap Grid system for Responsive Web Design
  • BootStrap classes for building different Components
  • BootStrap for styling a form and table

  • Introduction of Component Based design as the next generation of Web Design
  • Introduction of VueJS and AngularJS frameworks
  • VueJS and AngularJS Environment Setup
  • Understanding VueJS and AngularJS component and instance
  • Using Inline Styling and Directives
  • Method binding in VueJS and AngularJS

  • Environment Setup - Setup Apache Web Server, PHP Engine and MySQL Database
  • Understanding MySQL SQL commands
  • Create a MySQL database and design basic database table
  • JavaScript If-Else and Looping control structures
  • Primary Key and Foreign Key Constriants
  • Select, Insert, Update and Delete data in the table
  • One to One, One to Many and Many to Many relationships implementation
  • Table joining and building View for Query

  • Review of Basic HTML5 tags and write a simple web page
  • Build a HTML5 form for user input
  • Review the difference between GET & POST data submission
  • Understanding server side programming
  • PHP Basics and Functions
  • PHP Variables and Arrays data structure
  • PHP If-Else and Switch Decision Making
  • PHP Looping control structure

  • MySQL Database Connection using PHP
  • Building Standard Web BackEnd System
  • Build a CRUD system - Adding a menu system
  • Build a CRUD system - Adding new records function
  • Adding the data validations to the form
  • Build a CRUD system - Listing records function
  • Image upload handling

  • Build a CRUD system - Searching records function
  • Build a CRUD system - Deleting records function
  • Build a CRUD system - Updating records function
  • Build a CRUD system - Login / Logout functions
  • Build a CRUD system - Authorization functions
  • Session for web security
  • Cookie for web personalization

Course Content (5h:38m)

  • jQuery Mobile 1h:49m:49s
  • Cordova / PhoneGap2h:18m:18s
  • AngularJS CRUD1h:06m:30s
  • AngularJS SPA26m:34s
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  • 學習影片26小時詳盡學習影片,由淺入深教學
  • 面授錄影8堂(20小時) 面授課程錄影
  • 預錄視像額外6小時,詳解如何建造一個 CRUD 系統
  • 觀看時限12個月
  • 入學要求無需任何程式設計背景,有興趣請便可報讀
  • 課程代碼:DNR06202201
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