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Course Introduction 課程簡介

Magento is an open-source e-commerce system that runs on most web-hosting services. It is one of the most powerful, flexible, customizable and fast-growing e-commerce systems available on the market. It offers an extensive suite of powerful tools for creating and managing on online store. You can handle your needs even your store grows to serve millions of clients.




除了建立網店外,如何使網站長居Google或Yahoo排行榜首位,亦是很重要的一環,所以網主均需對SEO(搜尋器優化技術)有所認識。最後,我們亦邀請了eBay 的PowerSeller現身說法去提供如何在eBay上建立成功網店的tips and tricks,使網主能善用eBay這購物平台,將產品邁向全世界

Course Duration 課程時數

12 hrs

Course Objective 課程目標


Course Target 課程適合


Course Features 課程特點


1. 即學即用DIY人氣eShop設計,深入淺出簡單易用,令學員輕易掌握專業網店標誌及首頁橫額設計概念;

2. 極速將網站排名置於Yahoo!及Google等搜尋器前列,無需任何廣告支出;

3. 實戰課程,學員即學即用,分組營銷指定產品,確保掌握當中技巧;

4. 由業內資深網上商家,eBay、淘寶網導師及專業攝影師親身任教;


Course Content 課程內容

Part 1) Magento E-Shop DIY

Preparation Stage

Downloading and Installing Magento on your own

Uploading Magento to your web host

Apply and register a domain name for your store

Create a database for the store.

Familiar with the Magento’s Admin Panel

Catalog and Product Management

Design and create your own Category for your product

Design and create your own Attributes for your product

Create the Attribute Sets

Adding Simple Products

Managing the Price of the products

Managing the Meta info and Images of the products

Managing the Inventory of the products

Customization of the Store’s appearance

Customize the Front Page and Store Name

Customize the Layered Navigation Menu

Customize the Customer Service Pages

Customize the Callout

Customize the Welcome Message

Installing a new theme

Advanced Product Management

Adding related Products to a Product

Creating a Blank Grouped Product

Selecting Associated Products

Creating a Configurable Product

Giving Discounts to specified customer groups

Customer Relationships

Configure the Contact Us form

Managing Customers

Configure customer account options

Accepting Payment

Checkout and Sales Configuration

Online Payment Process for Credit Cards

Shopping Cart, Payment Gateway, Merchant Account, Bank Account

Payment Methods Configuration

PayPal,, Google Checkout

Configure Shipping

Create a Shipping Rate table

Configure the Shipping Options

UPS, FedFx, DHL and SpeedPost

Fulfilling an Order

LifeCycle of an order

Checking Orders Received

Creating an Invoice

Locate the Shipping Orders

Create a shipment

Practice the complete order process

Part 2) SEO and eBay

Setting up eShop for SEO

Technical Configuration (robots.txt, .htaccess, Semantic markup, Header tags, Hidden content, Site Performance)

Magento Configuration (Global Configuration, Product URLs, XML Sitemap)

Site Content for SEO

Your Site Content (product data, Category data, Internal Linking Structure, Multistore, Breadcrumbs)

User-Generated Content (Product Reviews, Tags, Product Q&A)

Social Media impact on SEO

Social cues and Search

Google+ Authorship

How to stay Social

eBay MarketPlace (by eBay PowerSellers)

Setup an eBay account for selling to the world

eBay marketing for your store

Learn the Selling strategy

Tips from eBay PowerSellers


Social Media

IT Design