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Certificate in Microsoft Access Database Specialist

Database design is easier than you think !!


當你要管理的資訊日益龐大及複雜,便不能再單靠 Excel來管理,你應該考慮將你的技術層次由Excel進階至Access資料庫。 本課程完整介紹 Access 資料庫設計及製作觀念,帶你由淺入深,學通所有功能,提昇資料的管理能力。



Paragraph, List, Table, Chart, Images, SmartArts

Styles and Themes

Styles, Themes, Templates, Quick Parts

Long Documents

Table of Contents, Index, Footnotes, Endnotes, Bibliography, Table of Figures, Citations

Tracking Documents

Share Document, Track Changes, Accept or Reject Changes

Mail Merge

Mail Merge Letters, Labels, Envelope and Emails


Create Forms using Controls


Set Formatting and Editing Restrictions

Document Layout

Section, Columns, Cover Page, Watermark, Orientation

Video Images
Demo Video -
Creating a Pivot Table for business data


  • 課程對象針對企業客戶而設
  • 上課模式面授上課或者即時網上教學
  • 上課安排客戶可到本校上課或要求導師上門授課
  • 上課收費每班最多20人,每班收費$8,800
  • 課程時數6小時
  • 使用軟件Access 2010, 2013, 2016. 2019, Office 365 均可
  • 入學要求學習人士需懂得如何運用 Word 基本功能,方能事半功倍。
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  • Create a blank desktop database
  • Create a database from a template
  • Create a database by using Import objects or data from other sources
  • Delete database objects

  • Create and modify relationships
  • Set the primary key
  • Enforce referential integrity
  • Set foreign keys
  • View relationships

  • Navigate specific records
  • Create and modify a navigation form
  • Set a form as the startup option
  • Display objects in the Navigation Pane
  • Change views of objects

  • Compact a database
  • Repair a database
  • Back up a database
  • Split a database
  • Encrypt a database with a password
  • Recover data from backup

  • Print reports
  • Print records
  • Save a database as a template
  • Export objects to alternative formats

  • Create a table
  • Import data into tables
  • Create linked tables from external sources
  • Import tables from other databases
  • Create a table from a template with application parts

  • Hide fields in tables
  • Add total rows
  • Add table descriptions
  • Rename tables

  • Update records
  • Add records
  • Delete records
  • Append records from external data
  • Find and replace data
  • Sort records
  • Filter records

  • Add fields to tables
  • Add validation rules to fields
  • Change field captions
  • Change field sizes
  • Change field data types
  • Configure fields to auto-increment
  • Set default values
  • Using input masks
  • Delete fields

  • Run a query
  • Create a crosstab query
  • Create a parameter query
  • Create an action query
  • Create a multi-table query
  • Save a query

  • Rename a query
  • Add fields
  • Remove fields
  • Hide fields
  • Sort data within queries
  • Format fields within queries

  • Sharing and stop sharing the worksheets
  • Track changes and view the changes
  • Accept or rejects the changes made by others

  • Add calculated fields
  • Set filtering criteria
  • Group and summarize data
  • Group data by using comparison operators
  • Group data by using arithmetic and logical operators

  • Create a form
  • Create a form from a template with application parts
  • Save a form

  • Move form controls
  • Add form controls
  • Modify data sources
  • Remove form controls
  • Set form control properties
  • Manage labels
  • Add sub-forms

  • Modify tab order
  • Configure Print settings
  • Sort records by form field
  • Apply a theme
  • Control form positioning
  • Insert backgrounds
  • Insert headers and footers
  • Insert images

  • Create a report based on the query or table
  • Create a report in Design view
  • Create a report by using a wizard

  • Group and sort fields
  • Modify data sources
  • Add report controls
  • Add and modify labels

  • Group and sort fields
  • Modify data sources
  • Add report controls
  • Add and modify labels


Dannis Mok

who has rich experience in business web and apps system development and have over 20 years of teaching experience. He has great passion in learning and teaching new technologies and his teaching style is clear to point and can explain complex technologies in simple terms. He has delivered various workshops and classes for different corporate, government departments and local universities and is the principal lecturer for NCC Education and University of Greenwich. Besides BSc degree in IT, he also got a MBA, MSc in IT and MSc in Telecommunication degree.

  • Microsoft MCSE, MCDBA
  • Microsoft Certified System Developer
  • Microsoft Office Specialist Master
  • Sun Microsystems – Certified Java Programmer
  • Oracle – Certified Database Professional
  • Linux - LPI Level 1 & 2
  • CompTIA Data+
  • 為積金局 (MPF) IT 員工提供 Android 及 iPhone 視像培訓課程
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Dannis Mok

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