Certificate in Excel Advanced for Business Data Analysis



       根據 Microsoft 的調查,只有約20%的人士能真正運用 Excel 的所有功能。大部分人士都只是懂得基本的 Excel運作,並不能將 Excel發揮極致。 本課程為一個 Excel 進階課程,專為有志加強 Excel知識的人士而設。學習課程後,學員可充分利用 Excel 各項功能,使工作效率培升。


Name and Address


Pivot Table


Data Protection


Sort and Filter


Data Breakdown





懂得活用各種公式及 Functions 作資料處理


懂得使用 Marco 將重複動作自動化



Dannis Mok

who have rich experience in business web and apps system development and have over 15 years of teaching experience. He has great passion in learning and teaching new technologies. His teaching style is clear to point and can explain complex technologies in simple terms. He has delivered various workshops and classes for different corporate, government departments and local universities. He got a MBA, Msc in IT and Msc in Telecommunication.

  • Microsoft MCSE, MCDBA, MCSD
  • Microsoft Office 2016 Specialist Master
  • Sun Microsystems – Certified Java Programmer
  • Oracle – Certified Database Professional
  • Linux - LPI Level 1 & 2
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  • 連續五年 (2017,2018,2019,2020,2021) 為VTC 職業訓練局的員工作培訓
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Cell and Range Concept

  • Understanding Relative and Absolute Addresses
  • Creating and managing Name for a Range
  • Data Types used in a cell (Number, Text, Date, Time and Boolean Values)
  • Data Formatting in a cell

Use of Formulas

  • Understanding how to enter and amend a formula
  • Evaluate formula to debug it
  • Showing formula dependencies
  • Use of brackets in formula

Use of Functions

  • How to get help on functions
  • Basic big 5 functions (SUM,COUNT,AVERAGE,MAX,MIN)
  • How to rank data using RANK(), RANK.EQ()
  • Logical functions - IF(), IFERROR()
  • Summarizing using logical functions: SUMIF(), COUNTIF(), AVERAGEIF()
  • Applying multiple conditions using SUMIFS(), COUNTIFS(), AVERAGEIFS()

Charting Skills

  • How to create a chart based on data provided
  • Drawing 4 basic chart type (Column, Bar, Line, Pie)
  • How to format various elements of a chart
  • How to add different trendlines and predict trends
  • How to use Combo charts and use of secondary axis

Sorting and Filtering

  • Basic sorting and filtering skills
  • Use of Text filter, Number filter and Date filter
  • Advanced filtering using Criteria range

Conditional Formatting

  • Highlighting data using conditional formatting
  • Segmenting data using conditional formatting
  • Use of formula in conditional formatting

Data Validation

  • Restricting users to enter allowable values
  • Providing input tips to users
  • Customizing error messages for wrong data input

Worksheet and Workbook protection

  • Protect the content in worksheet from changes
  • Protect the structure in workbook from changes
  • Allow portion of the worksheet editableg
  • Set password to open for read or write

Time and Date calulation

  • Time calculation using TIME() function
  • Date calculation using DATE() function
  • Breaking down the date and time into components
  • Finding number of work days using WORKDAYS() and NETWORKDAYS()

Text Handling

  • Breaking down the text using LEFT(),RIGHT(),MID() functions
  • Use of Text to Column Wizard to break down the text
  • Combining text together using operator & and CONCATNEATE() function
  • Searching text using SEARCH() or FIND() functions

What-if Analysis

  • Use of Goal Seek to find target value given a condition
  • Use of Scenario Manager to set different scenario outcomes
  • Use of Data Tables to show different data set combination

Macro automation

  • Recording the macros for repeated operations
  • Editing the macro content using VBA editor
  • Copying macros between different workbooks
  • Setting shortcut and icon for playing back the macros

Sharing and Tracking Changes

  • Sharing and stop sharing the worksheets
  • Track changes and view the changes
  • Accept or rejects the changes made by others

Consolidating Workbooks

  • Set a template for sharing with others
  • Consolidating workbooks by matching ranges
  • Consolidating workbooks by using formulas

Lookup Functions

  • Use of Vlookup and Hlookup functions to lookup values
  • Understanding the usage of Range search and Exact search
  • Use of Match and Index to overcome the shortcomings of Vlookup

Pivot Table

  • Understanding and creating Pivot Table from data source
  • Summarizing data from different perspectives
  • Summarizing data using different functions and formats
  • Creating custom grouping in data source
  • Use of Slicers to filtering data
  • Creating Pivot Charts based on Pivot Table
  • Formatting Pivot report using different tools
  • Use of Custom Fields to derive new data

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