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Certificate in Excel Automation with Macro and VBA

Control Excel with Automation


使用 Excel Macro 能將重複大量而且繁瑣的工作步驟記錄下來, 再利用 Excel VBA 優化程式,便能將工作時間縮短99%兼且零出錯,是優化辦公室工作流程的利器。


Excel Macro

認識 Excel Marco 錄製技巧

Excel VBA

認識 Excel VBA 程式語言

Excel Object Model

學習使用 VBA 的物件模型 、變數及資料結構

Decision & Looping

基本程式設計技巧 - 決策及迴路

Procedures and Functions

將程式化繁為簡 - 分拆程式成為不同的子程式

Event Handling

學習 VBA 的事件(Event) 回應處理手法

Data Forms


External Environments

VBA 與其他程式互動

Video Images
Demo Video -
Creating a Pivot Table for business data


  • 課程對象針對企業客戶而設
  • 上課模式面授上課或者即時網上教學
  • 上課安排客戶可到本校上課或要求導師上門授課
  • 上課收費每班最多20人,每班收費$8,800
  • 課程時數6小時
  • 使用軟件Excel 2010, 2013, 2016. 2019, Office 365 均可
  • 入學要求需懂 Excel 基本功能,方能事半功倍
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  • Understanding Macros and how to record the actions
  • Use of VBA Editor to read and edit the Macros
  • Make use of Relative and Absolute Addressing in Macros
  • Copy and Share the Marcros to others
  • Understanding Macros security setting
  • Run the marcos through various methods

  • VBA programming concepts
  • Use of basic variables to store number, text, date and boolean values
  • Use of array variables to store a group of values
  • How to make decision using "IF THEN ELSE" structure
  • How to repeat operations using "FOR LOOP" structure
  • Make use of other loops like "DO WHILE LOOP" and "DO UNTIL LOOP"

  • Understanding Excel Object Model
  • Understanding how to use object methods
  • Understanding how to access object properties
  • Use of Application, WorkBooks, WorkSheets, Range and Cell objects
  • Use of InputBox and MsgBox to get and show information
  • Call Worksheets functions in VBA

  • Understanding Sub Procedures to structure the program
  • Write Function Procedures to create custom functions
  • Write Event Procedures to trigger actions when certain events happen/span>
  • Learn how to use immediate window and watch window to debug codes
  • Learn how to run through the code step by step

  • Build UserForm to allow user to input data through a form
  • Use the TextBox to collect text
  • Use the Option Button or Checkbox to select data
  • Use the ListBox and ComboBox to select data
  • Use the Button to run codes

  • Write sample codes to automate daily tasks
  • Write codes to check duplicate values
  • Write codes to calculate commissions based on a rate table
  • Write codes to various lookup jobs
  • Write codes to print formatted reports
  • Write codes to send email from Excel


Dannis Mok

who has rich experience in business web and apps system development and have over 20 years of teaching experience. He has great passion in learning and teaching new technologies and his teaching style is clear to point and can explain complex technologies in simple terms. He has delivered various workshops and classes for different corporate, government departments and local universities and is the principal lecturer for NCC Education and University of Greenwich. Besides BSc degree in IT, he also got a MBA, MSc in IT and MSc in Telecommunication degree.

  • Microsoft MCSE, MCDBA
  • Microsoft Certified System Developer
  • Microsoft Office Specialist Master
  • Sun Microsystems – Certified Java Programmer
  • Oracle – Certified Database Professional
  • Linux - LPI Level 1 & 2
  • CompTIA Data+
  • Microsoft Certified: Power BI Data Analyst Associate
  • 為積金局 (MPF) IT 員工提供 Android 及 iPhone 視像培訓課程
  • 為香港教育局提供 Android 培訓課程予中學電腦科導師
  • 為香港教育大學 IT 員工提供 Cordova 跨平台流動程式開發課程
  • 為房屋署員工 IT 員工提供 HTML5 跨平台流動程式開發課程
  • 為房屋署員工 IT 員工提供 Android 及 iPhone 平台流動程式開發課程
  • 為香格里拉大酒店IT 員工提供 Android 流動程式開發課程
  • 為勞工處提供 HTML5 遊戲培訓課程及電子商店培訓課程
  • 為中國銀行IT 員工提供 Android 及 iPhone 流動程式開發課程
  • 為香港郵政IT 員工提供 Angular 8 程式開發課程
  • 為 VTC 職業訓練局提供各種各類 IT 培訓課程
  • 為醫管局員工 IT 員工提供跨平台流動程式開發課程


Dannis Mok

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